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Tuesday, October 15

ServSuccess - Develop Your Team, Win the Future

Sara Anderson, National Restaurant Association + Kenneth Ivory, Creative Dining Services
Constant churn of talent drains time, energy, and money. It detracts from performance. High impact, targeted programs from the National Restaurant Association can improve employee recruitment, performance & engagement, thereby guiding you on a pathway to greater returns.

Brand USA

Join Mike Fullerton, Brand USA Senior Director of Public Affairs, as he shares Brand USA’s efforts to attract more international visitors to the United States through their marketing campaigns that go beyond commercials but tell the compelling stories of the United States and all it has to offer.

Use your Online Reviews to Fill Your Business

Michael Thibault, DFY Marketing Systems
As a 25 year restaurant owner, turned review and online reputations expert, Thibault helps hospitality businesses make sense of the online review environment and teaches them how to use their reviews to increase sales.

STR Hotel Performance

Join us for a presentation on hotel industry trends. This session will cover hotel performance for the United States and Michigan with a focus on major markets within the state. In addition to past performance data, STR will share insights on new supply entering the market and their current 2020 forecast for the U.S. and Detroit.

Wednesday, October 16

Ask the Experts Live

You’ve been reading the Ask the Experts feature in Michigan Restaurateur for years, and now it’s time for an in-person Q&A with the experts themselves to get all industry-related legal questions answered.
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Be Found First: Online Searches

In today’s world, we can talk to our phone, vehicle or watch and “navigate to the best Italian restaurant near me.” Digital Marketing puts you in control of your brand’s digital knowledge. With the ever-changing landscape and so many different places to put your business data online, find out how to separate yourself from the noise to boost brand awareness and drive business growth online.