Live Demonstrations

Michigan Grown Products Chef Demos
Stop by the Consumers Energy Spotlight Theater on both days of the Show to catch Chef Jake Williams CEC demonstrate how to exploit the seasons of Michigan and incorporate the bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables year round into your menu. 

Tuesday, October 15

12:00 PM | Using Berries + Cherries for Savory Concepts and Unique Beverages
Michigan grows 75 percent of all U.S. tart cherries and 20 percent of sweet cherries, making it 4th in the nation for sweet cherries and 1st for tart. The state is also among the top producing states for blueberries. Berries and cherries aren’t just for dessert — there are many ways to incorporate them into foods and drinks. Make the most out of these Michigan crops with savory concepts from sauces to salads, and ramp up your beverage program with infused spirits and simple syrups.

2:00 PM | Building a Plant-Based Breakfast Menu
Reimagine your morning menu with innovative vegetable-centric and plant-based dishes, from bean scrambles to quinoa breakfast bowls, which are savory and nutritious. We’ll explore trending ingredients and cuisines that lend themselves well to breakfast — no eggs or bacon in sight!

4:00 PM | Making the Most of Mushrooms
Experiment with Michigan's abundance of mushrooms, and incorporate them year-round in your dishes with these umami-packed recipe ideas.

Wednesday, October 16

12:00 PM | Creating Holiday Plates with Plant-Based Proteins
Move over turkey — learn how to incorporate plant-based proteins into your holiday dishes.

1:30 PM | Incorporating Root Vegetables
Root vegetables have long been relegated as a side dish, but today they are finding a place in the center of the plate. Learn ways to incorporate them into various recipes.

3:00 PM | Utilizing Michigan Potatoes
Potatoes are great vehicles for bold and subtle flavors, making them fun to experiment with in the kitchen. An ideal substitute for people with dietary needs, learn how this humble Michigan crop can be elevated to signature dish status.

Jake Williams is an award-winning chef who works as a Programs Manager with Gleaners Community Food Bank. In this role, he ensures cooking-based nutrition education classes are held to the highest standard in order to effectively and successfully teach low-income families how to cook healthy, delicious meals on a budget. His love of food where it intersects with culture prompted him to co-create with his wife Sarap Detroit, a Filipino pop-up restaurant concept. Williams believes that it doesn’t matter where you’re from or what faith you believe in, food has the power to bring everyone together to the table and learn from each other. He lives, works and eats in Detroit.